At this page you can see what have arrived at our workshop and is waiting for restore or completing. When finished will be on show at Classic RC.


We received a prototype chassis and special parts for the Parma Euro Panther 1/12 scale car, which were made during R&D for this car. In the meantime we could finish the replica project which sports several differences to the production version.
Full story now at 1/12 scale section Parma Euro Panther Chris Arnold Special


One of the projects we´re working on currently is a very special Associated RC12LS. It started with the chassis shown at the 1st picture, this was designed by Phil Davies. Beside many other races he used such chassis also at the 1995 Euro Champs 1/12 scale in the UK. Our replica shown at the 2nd picture was build now after collecting parts for more than a year. For finishing the project we need white rear body posts, maybe also white servo mount. If you could help out with such parts new or new condition, please contact us. Full story at Classic RC after completing.

Here we got one of our favorites but also a difficult project, the early Delta Phaser 1/12. When we build this car some years ago, some temporary parts had to be used. These had been replaced now by correct parts as the king pins, clamping block and new spur gear. We will be using RC12E wheels for this car as the Phaser was designed as a conversion to the RC12E, so those wheels were used also back in the days. Red Delta wheels were introduced some years later and are not period correct for this car. Picture is showing the Phaser at the work shop, after changing parts.
Update: the Phaser could be seen now at the 1/12 scale section Delta Phaser

sp10Unpacking the latest arrival at our workshop. This is a SP10, Corally´s very first 1/10 scale pan car. One of our visitors donated this fantastic car for showing at the museum.
Update: this project was finished and could be found now at the 1/10 section. SP10

abc-1 abc-2Incomplete kit of a ABC Hobby 1/12 car. We are looking for a full set of diff gears and wheel nuts. Please contact us if you could help out with such parts.

PK Corally

Delta Villain

Composite Craft Lynx II

TRC Pro10


Delta Spyder

Corally SP2

Gemini 1

Gemini SL, for this car we are looking for a radio plate. If you can help restoring this car please contact us.

Schumacher XL

Schumacher C-Car

Associated RC12E

Trinity EV10 1993 version

Hyperdrive H10

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