vintage bodies 1/10th scale

Parma Mazda Group C, around 1988

Parma Osella PA-9

similar to Associated or Bolink TOJ but maybe 1/4″ narrower

Associated Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo, 1988

mca-toyotaMcAllister Toyota GTP, around 1986/1987

merc-grpc_2Parma Sauber Mercedes

merc-unknMercedes GTP unknown brand, around 1989

IMG_2433PB Elfin Cavan, released with the PB Sizzler Pro 10 car in 1989.
Not a great paintjob but a very rare body.

and-nissan.jpgAndys Nissan GTP

andym-1Andy´s Sauber Mercedes first generation, intended for use with additional wing

andym-2rear view