HPI RS10GW prototype

At the 1/10th scale Onroad World Champion Ships 1996 held at the Revelation Raceway in Ontario, CA both Team Associated and HPI came up with the idea of running a smaller car. With a wide of 210 mm instead of the usual 235 mm this should have less drag and therefore more battery duration, also maybe there was the idea a smaller car would work better on a parking lot type track as the WC were held. The HPI worlds car was based on the proven RS10G as introduced one year before. Going with a new narrow and shorter chassis, the same double A-arm frontend was used as most of the rear pod. New parts were the wide brace for the rear bodyposts and a long tube replacing the disk type friction damper. Also the RS10G´s black centershock was replaced with a shock of the early RS4 touring car because of smoother operation.

As this car was the HPI 1996 worlds car the name of RS10GW was used later also for the production version, as most parts of the prototype car. A change was made to the chassis were the prototype could use also the front end of their Super F1 cars. As this one didn´t have any advantage, the holes for using this option was removed for the final chassis. The production car was released for sale at end of 1996. At the regular 1/10 scale section you can see pictures of the production RS10GW car and both chassis versions.

The picture is showing one of the RS10GW prototypes as used at that worlds, powered by a GM-Racing Cosmic modified motor and a 6-cell GM-Mega VIS Sanyo 1700 NSCRC-SP battery. The driver of this car used a HPI Pro Control ESC, a KO Propo FET servo and a Novak Mercury prototype receiver. This is an original 1996 analog picture digitized these days.

RS10GW proto