Associated RC12E Special

This car is an Associated RC12E, their first 1/12th scale car released in 1978.
Our car looks a little different than the typical RC12E, wearing some very rare option parts and got special treatment by the original owner.
For the chassis, the countersunk version was used, along with 8-32 flat head aluminium screws. The usual RC12E servo-saver was replaced by a direct steering setup. For the servo the very fast and powerful Futaba S7 was choosen, actually the ultimate choice for 1/8th scale cars of that era. The Futaba R2F on top of the servo may look a little bulky but is a typical size for early receivers. For making room, the radio-tray needed some cutting.

One of the reasons for showing this RC12E could be found at the radio-tray. Not a typical resistor-type speed control and another servo, but a very early Electro Craft ESC. Another reason could be found at the rear axle, wheels and spur gear made by John Thorp of 1/8th scale fame.
Different wheels could be found also at the front, machined aluminium wheels made by BoLink and wearing moulded tires. All Associated cars are using two body posts at each front and rear usually. This was changed to just one each, maybe for using a Jerobee style body.

12E-spRC12E with Electro Craft ESC and Associated Igarashi 05 motor

12E-3BoLink aluminium front wheels

12E-6Thorp rear wheels