Purge Force Mach 7

The Force Mach 7 ESC designed by Noel Lovissa of Purge/Australia was something of a revolution when introduced in 1991. This was the first ESC using three seperate current limiters and a keyboard for programming the internal microprocessor.

The first time the RC world got notice from this exceptional ESC was the Offroad Worlds 1991 at Detroit/USA when a young Japanese driver got into the A-Main using such a Purge Force 7 ESC in his RC10. This driver was Satoshi Maezumi later known as factory driver for Tamiya TRF. Kevin Orton of Tekin Electronics was impressed by this Australian ESC and hired Noel Lovissa for designing a Tekin ESC with such technology. One year later this was introduced as the Tekin 410K, looking different but using the same 3 independent current limiters and an internal keyboard.

The same year another ESC was introduced also using an internal keyboard, being the Digital 3000 ESC from Germany´s brand GM-Racing. Beside the keyboard this Digital 3000 was using completely different functions where the Purge and the 410K were more or less the same.

The Force Mach 7 as used in Satoshi´s RC10

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