Delta Super Phaser

At the 1982 World Championships 1/12 scale held in Anaheim, California the Delta team came up with a new prototype car, the Super Phaser. The typical Delta crossbar frontend and the one-piece rear pod were used as with the older Phaser before but other than that, the new prototype was quite different.
Springs were added to the king pins, similar to their 1970’s Delta Dash 1/8 scale car.
King pins and front wheel axles for E-clips were replaced with threaded axles and nuts.
The one-piece rear pod got different ball bearings with smaller OD for the rear axle. The prototype still used the Associated ball diff and wheels as with the old Phaser, but the tubular steel rear axle was replaced with a graphite version.

A major difference was the chassis design, where the flexing, narrow chassis and radio tray setup was replaced with a wide and stiffer one-piece chassis plate with cutouts for the batteries. This resulted in a much lower center of gravity.
For connecting the rear pod to the chassis and providing the flexing action, a new T-shaped fibreglass part was introduced, the famous T-bar was born. Movement of the rear pod was controlled by a shock and spring assembly, which was borrowed from the Delta Eagle 1/8 scale car. Overall, the new chassis setup resulted in a much higher corner speed and smoother handling.
Delta’s Arturo Carbonell TQed and won the Expert Class at those 1982 Worlds with teammate Kevin Orton joining him in 6th place overall.
End of 1982 the Super Phaser was released to the public. During the lifetime and development of the Super Phaser several updates were released as different chassis versions, Delta’s own diff versions and new Delta steering blocks instead of the RC12E type.

The car shown below uses an extended, 2nd generation chassis where rear body posts could be used behind the batteries. The rear diff is the Delta Super Gear diff which was introduced in 1983. Wheels are the Delta Super Light wheels which were introduced around 1985.