Gemini SLX

After a similar car did win the European Championships 1/12th scale in 1981 Phil Greeno also went with an U-shape Lexanchassis for his new 3rd generation Gemini car. But there are also some certain differences to similar cars of other brands. This means the chassis was formed from 2 mm thick Lexan plates but each car had his own philosophy where to use cut outs which affected stiffness and in which area. Also all of the Lexancars were using an aluminium tube for housing the rear axle and the motor mount was fixed to the tube, overall similar to the Corally cars later. This tube then was connected to the chassis at the centerline what was one of the important details for this type of car for achieving an equal torque distribution to the rear wheels, needed at the very slippery wooden floor tracks.

As you can see at the pictures the SLX went with adjustable links at the rear suspension for getting even more flex at the rear. Another major difference to other cars was the frontend. This was using a three hole pattern for stronger and more even connection to the chassis. As you can see from the pictures there were setscrews used at the steering blocks for fixing the wheelaxles, no lost e-clips anymore. If some of you know the old SG 1/8th gas pan cars this system looks pretty familiar, but this frontend was designed and made by Greeno/Gemini not by SG. Also the wheels are Gemini but were sold to some other brands also for using at their 1/12th scale cars. After some years of production this flex design was not usable anymore when the high grip carpet tracks were introduced. Around this time the SLX design with tools and everything was sold to SG who did change a few details. Some parts as the frontend and wheels were used with some other SG electric cars later also.

Our Gemini SLX is a SG version out of a new kit. As differences to the original British Gemini SLX the SG version is using different bumper, radioplate and bodyposts and an ergal aluminium rear axle instead of the original graphite version. Also the chassis has a few cosmetical changes but you have to know the original car for seeing the difference. The SG kit was sold with either the Schkee or a Porsche 935 body as our car.

Gemini SLX box with Schkee body

beautiful SG Porsche 935 body

overall view

frontend and SG bumper, you can see here the setscrews for the wheelaxles also

3 hole pattern at the frontend and M4 aluminium screws

rear axle tub and motormount

rear axle tube connected to centerline of chassis