Kyosho Axis

In 1988 Kyosho introduced a new 1/12th car, the Axis. This was replacing the previous Plazma series and a major change in design. For the first time Kyosho was using a saddle-pack type chassis now, also a t-bar rear suspension. New was also using a triple shock system with a large proven Gold shock from their offroad range for the centershock and two smaller sideshocks. These were mounted to the rear bodypost collars what was apparently not the best solution as they could move and cause bad handling.
Finally the gear type differential of previous Kyosho cars was replaced with a ball diff. The frontend was kept from the Plazma MK III as this had been working very good in the past.

top view showing saddle-pack graphite chassis

bottom view showing long t-bar

beam type frontend

side view showing Gold centershock and sideshock

three piece aluminium rear pod