Delta Peak Detection Charger

In the early days of electric racing usual battery chargers basically consisted of a resistor for limiting the charging current and a mechanical timer for shutting down the charging process. But this was far from being perfect as the battery could explode if you choose too much of a charging time or you could experience bad performance and less runtime at the track if going with a too safe timer setting. That time most people thought any device using an automated charging process would be an impossible project, but Kevin Orton of Team Delta had his own ideas and finally invented the Peak Detection circuitry, being one of his numerous patents. This is a technology still being used until today for charging NiCd and NiMh batteries, but Delta´s own Peak Detector Charger was the first one using this. The Delta team used prototype versions of this charger also at the very first 1/12 scale Worlds in 1982 with their teamdriver  Arturo Carbonell winning the modified class. Afterwards the charger was released to the public.
At the pictures you can see this early Peak Detection Charger, also the easy operation using just a few controls. Beside the fuse holder there is just a switch for selecting the charging rate of either one or three amps, also a button for starting the charging process and a LED for showing the charging state. That´s it, not more needed.

Three years later Kevin Orton left Delta and started Tekin. One of the first products was the Tekin 850 Peak Detector charger, actually just an improved version of this Delta charger. The Tekin 850 charger also is on show here at Classic RC.