Parma Euro Panther – 1984 World Champion 1/12 Stock

This is the Parma Euro Panther used by Bud Bartos for winning the Stock class at the 1/12 World Championships in 1984, held at Herning, Denmark. The Euro Panther was designed by British driver Chris Arnold and had been winning the European Champs as prototype before, therefore the name Euro Panther. Comparing with the older Suspension Panther the new car was a complete new design, it seems just the typical Parma wheels were used again.
Bud´s Euro Panther was a production version, from our knowledge just the rear anti-roll bar was an option part. This was used for a stiffer rear end because of high traction of the indoor carpet track. Tires were of the Parma medium compound, for the body Bud was using the new Parma Osella PA-9 Can-Am.

For electronics Bud went with the Novak NES-1A servo for steering and the older Novak Bantam Midget servo for trottle. Also a Kraft transmitter and Futaba R2GS receiver was used. The motor was the handout Igarashi 05, powered by Parma Sanyo SC1200 cells of the OD batch. The mechanical speedcontrol was using a Parma lightweight resistor and blue silicon wires. For less weight the case of the receiver was replaced with a thin lexan case.
As the track had a lot of tight high speed turns Bud had the idea of using a flywheel at the pinion for helping the car to roll faster through the turns.  A Danish coin was found with a hole in the middle, this was used than as the flywheel and did the trick. Later other drivers were using this speed secret also.
At this worlds Bud was not only winning the stock class but also finished in 4th position at the modified class with Chris Arnold joining him in 8th position.

Pictures courtesy of Bill Cline, former owner of Bud Bartos´s World Champion car. Thanks for supporting Classic RC!

84wc-europ_bodythe World Champion car with Osella body

84wc-europ_ovthe winning Euro Panther uncovered

84wc-europ_frontfront view

84wc-europ_rearrear of the car with flywheel pinion