Simprop Car Profi

Simprop was a manufacturer of high quality radio control systems since the 1960´s.
In 1982 they introduced their Simprop Car Profi radio, which was designed with R&D department of SG Racing Team Italy and the very first stick type transmitter intended specially for use of RC cars.

Basically based on their earlier systems as the Alpha Contest, the new Car Profi got a FM transmission, a short, flexible antenna and different stick mechanism more suited for car racing. The proven aluminium case got a black color now, they also included the SG Racing logo. What´s really spectacular about the Car Profi, beside the amazing look, is the amount of additional controls for tuning your car to track conditions. Not found at any other stick type transmitter before. Availabale functions were independent steering throw  for left/right and gas/brake, dual rate, exponential steering curve, servo reverse. Also large knobs could be found for servo trims so you easily could adjust straight line behaviour or gas/brake center if something changed through a run. Additional the center position of the gas stick could be fixed to any desired position, not just at usual 1/2 or 1/3.

Other units matching the Car Profi transmitter had been a waterproof receiver and their Contest Speed servo.  Later there was also the Contest Car servo, basically a Sanwa servo.

The Simprop Car Profi was very popular among European 1/8 scale drivers in the early to mid 1980´s. Beside the SG team, Serpent´s Rody Roem and Mantua´s Franco Poldi are just a few examples but you also could find that radio at 1/12 scale races.

IMG_9520a lot of controls found at the Simprop Car Profi

IMG_9524additional controls at the front, note also very short sticks