Schumacher CAT XLS

In 1986 Schumacher Racing introduced their very first offroad car after making some high class 1/12 scale onroad cars before. This brandnew car got the name Schumacher CAT where it is not originated from a wellknown animal but means Competition All Terrain.

The CAT was very different to other offroad cars using a very lightweight design, a Kevlar belt drive system with rear ball diff, a torque splitter and front oneways. Unique were also some telescopic universal drive shafts. The CAT featured a quite short wheelbase which with the addition of the front oneways resulted in lots of steering and a somewhat difficult handling for a lot of drivers.
One year later at the Offroad Worlds held at Romsey, UK Schumacher introduced a new chassis using a much longer wheelbase now. The renewed car got the name CAT XL but still was using a stick type battery, mounted across the chassis. At this race a young driver from Japan and unknown to most guys so far, attended with an original CAT but changed to the new enlarged chassis during practice and impressed everyone with incredible car control and amazing driving. In the end a certain Masami Hirosaka won his first Worlds title.
A lot of development went through the CAT with front ball diff, oneway drive shafts and several changes to the rear gearbox and suspension. Finally this resulted in a new CAT generation, the CAT XLS. At some point a new saddle pack chassis was introduced, as shown below.
Beside the SP chassis, our car features some additional option parts as black anodized motor and gear box plate, different style front upper arms, machined RW Tufnol spur and Schumacher Mini Pin tires.

This Schumacher CAT XLS car was donated by Mr. Bernd Kemptner. Thanks for your support!

IMG_1081CAT XLS shown with original CAT box

IMG_1085Saddle Pack chassis

IMG_1088note black anodized gear box plates and machined RW spur 64DP