AYK GZ1200

Japan´s manufacturer AYK known for their outstanding 1/12th and offroad cars also had some other interesting products as motors. The GZ1200 introduced in 1979 was their first and a radical change in design comparing with the Igarashi based motors as used at this time. For the first time a three-piece can was used, a steel tube housing the magnets and machined aluminium frontplate and endbell. Small screws were used for assembing the complete can but no variable timing was included in this motor, this was a new feature introduced at the next generation. The GZ1200 also was the first 05 size car motor using real brushholders and replaceable brushes at a production motor. Finally a small curved aluminium plate was attached to the armature shaft for working as a cooling fan, for the winding this motor was a 23 Turn single machine wound.

This motor was sold also by CAM (USA) and Robbe (Germany) with different motor stickers.