Kyosho Plazma MK III

Kyosho´s 1/12th 2WD Plazma cars started in 1984 with the Plazma 3P, the 4WD cars of the Fantom series in same time range were technically very close and even sharing some parts. The car on show is the Plazma MK III version which was introduced two years later. The MK III also was the first Kyosho 1/12th car using a T-bar system, older versions before were using chassis with slits for flexing, similar to the Associated RC12i car. The beam type frontend is using adjustable castor as used with Delta, TRC or AYK cars but as difference the kingpin is fixed not only at the beam but using a fork type plastic part for a double support. Typical for Kyosho cars as the Plazma and Fantom was using hexogonal hubs and matching wheels so a large single nuts could be used for mounting front and rear wheels. Some other Japanese 1/12th cars as Mugen or Kawada were using this system also.

Our Plazma MK III is using some special Kyosho option parts as aluminium body posts and wing tubes, also optional Kyosho Gold shock. The motor is a beautiful Kyosho Le Mans 600E stock, using a 3-piece can with aluminium front plate as the Le Mans 240S or other early Kyosho motors.

right side view

left side view

gear type diff and beautiful Le Mans 600E motor

Kyosho Gold shock and small American type MSC

frontend and aluminium body posts