Mugen K2-X Cosmic GP/M 86

Mugen might be known especially for their 1/8 scale gas cars, but in reality they started the company making 1/12 scale electric cars.
The K2-X Cosmic GP/M was their second generation car, which was introduced in 1985. This is one of the rare 1/12 scale cars using a monocoque chassis. But overall it was quite different to the older British cars which used a folded, flexing Lexan chassis. The Cosmic came with a molded plastic chassis and a fiberglass radio tray on top, which resulted in a quite stiff chassis. The 6-cell battery was mounted across the chassis as found with most 1/12 scale cars, but it was fixed with a clamping system which was hidden inside the chassis tube. The aluminium rear pod was mounted to a t-bar and assisted by a coil-over shock. At the rear axle there was an advanced version of a gear diff, a design very close to the Delta Super Diff. Wheels were a very lightweight design.
The front end used a king pin spring, overall quite similar to the Associated RC12i 2nd generation. The steering servo was mounted below the radio tray in an upside-down configuration, and wearing the servo saver.

The Cosmic car shown below is an updated version, which was introduced in 1986.
So the full name of this car is Mugen K2-X Cosmic GP/M 86. Main difference to the original 1985 car is the black anodized rear pod, which was strengthened also. Another difference was the rear anti-roll bar, which was not used at the 1985 car. Later there was another version with the name of K2-X Cosmic GP/M Aero which used different type of wheels.

Our K2-X Cosmic GP/M 86 uses the Mugen Pro-J motor and two very rare Ko Propo PS-51BS servos. The beautiful Nissan body also came with the car.

Mugen Nissan

Mugen K2-X Cosmic GP/M 86

Mugen Pro-J motor and racing style MSC with Ko Propo PS-51BS servo

monocoque chassis with t-bar and anti-roll bar