Tekin G9 Supersonic

The Tekin G9 Supersonic ESC was introduced in 1996 and made it´s first appearance at the Onroad World Championships held at Ontario, Ca. Based on the G12 and G12C the new G9 Supersonic featured a whopping 16.600 Hz switching frequency and an all new internal capacitor board for increased efficiency, lowered battery resistance and making more horsepower.
The G9 also featured an adjustable current limiter and test point, a quick tune electronic setup, a strong 5 amp BEC, a 32 amp Schottky diode and wire solder posts.

As you can see from the box picture, the initial product name was intended as X9 but was changed to G9 for matching their Gold series. At some point a small sticker came off our G9 case and uncovered the U10 lettering. U10 was the name for the prototype units so as we got our sample right at the Worlds, this is a prototype or very early production unit.

g9-1G9 shown with typical golden Tekin heat sinks

g9-2U10 prototype lettering above LED lights, torque control and test point at left side

g9-3G9 box

g9-4back side showing internal view of the G9