Simprop Contest Speed

Simprop Electronics based in Harswinkel, Germany has been one of the pioniers in Radio Control systems. Their radios has been very popular for RC aircraft models and used for winning a lot of Top events, but you also could find their units in radio controlled cars.
Their top of the line servos always had been named as “Contest” servos. These servos had been known for their high precision working and strong design. A very unusual detail could be seen below the Contest label, a small screw for adjusting center position.

The servo shown below is not the typical Contest servo, but a faster version with the name of “Contest Speed”. Where the usual Contest servo used silver colored lettering at the top of the case, the Contest Speed got red letters and an additional Speed sticker.

IMG_9880Simprop Contest Speed servo. Servo cable uses their own proprietary servo plug.

153952Note “Speed” sticker indicating fast version of the Contest servo range. Unusual center position adjustment seen below Contest wording.