Parma Bobcat 1/24

In 1982 Parma released their Bobcat 1/24, another small scale car. This was one of the first, maybe also the very first 1/24 scale car. The size reminds of a slot car, but indeed it´s radio controlled. Parma went with a Lexan chassis again, this time not monocoque style but a flat pan chassis with just front, left and right side folded for additional strength. Also a  torque tube was used for the rear pod. For the front end shortened RC12E steering blocks were bolted to the chassis.
For electrics Parma used their “Little” Ferrari motor, the micro resistor speed control with reverse switch and a 4-cell Sanyo 250 battery. A mini type radio system as Futaba R2GS receiver and S-20 servos was recommanded.
For bodies Parma released a Porsche Carrera, Corvette, Miller Mustang and a Monza GT.

This Parma Bobcat 1/24 was donated by Chris Arnold, who was a designer and team driver for Parma. Thanks for supporting Classic RC!