Special Parts

Oberle Custom rear pods
These machined one-piece rear pods for Schumacher C-Car and Associated RC12L were made by Stephan Oberle, a member of the LRP Factory racing team. These extraordinary pods were an improvement over the original versions and a master piece of art. Back in the days you could find them even at factory driver cars, now
they are a very rare find.

Nodis machined Tufnol spur gears

The spur gears shown below were made by Nodis Racing Developments near London, UK. Replacing usual, out of round plastic gears with these machined custom gears resulted in a much more free running drive train. We are not sure when these spurs were introduced but we got notice of Nodis products at the 1986 Offroad Champs held at Bologna, Italy where several drivers of the British Parma team used Nodis custom parts for their Kyosho Optima cars.
Nodis didn´t make just spur gears but also gear box parts and pinions. Their layshaft and gear for the Kyosho Optima was a legendary part, they also introduced a slipper clutch for this car. Nodis choose Tufnol for making their gears, a high quality version of a phenolic material.
Some racers may know RW-Racing making such spurs also. Indeed look and feel are very close, but Nodis gears were made around 10 years earlier.


Left to right – 64DP spur for 1/12 scale cars, 48DP spur for Schumacher CAT, 32DP spur for PB Mini Mustang