Actually more known for their 1/12th cars before MRP released their one and only 1/10th scale pancar GP-10 in 1987 using some unique solutions at several areas. As a nice difference to other manufacturers the MRP GP-10 was made using blue coloured G10 fibreglass plates, same as with the Lightning 2000 1/12th car.

As you can see from the picture MRP also went a different route for the front end by using long fibreglass A-arms mounted on flexible rubber grommets. The springs are located at halfway of the A-arms and assisted by a large monoshock for damping. Another option for the front springs was using a single, larger spring at the shockrod, as used with this car. The position of the steering servo is unique also, using an upside down mounting through the radio tray, not the usual mounting position at the chassis.

For the rear end the pod rides on a short t-bar, mounted on rubber grommets again. Adjusting the pressure on the rubber grommets affects changes in side stiffness. For battery mounting a 6-cell stickpack was fixed to the radioplate using two easy to handle battery clamps and thumpscrews.

We are currently working on restoring of the GP10. Final pictures will be published afterwards. For the moment we have a picture from current state after arrival at the workshop.


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