HPI Road Star RS10GW

At the 1/10th scale Onroad World Champion Ships 1996 the HPI team drivers tried a new prototype car beside the proven RS10G. This car was using a lot of parts from the RS10G as the same double A-Arm front end and the same rear pod and suspension system. Main difference was the much smaller wide, also the wheelbase was reduced. New parts were the wide brace for the rear bodyposts and a long tube replacing the disk type damper. Also the RS10G´s black centershock was replaced with a shock of the early RS4 touring car because of smoother operation. The original prototype car also had mounting holes for the front end of the HPI Super F1 car but these were removed at the production chassis later.

The new narrow car got the name Road Star RS10GW as it is based on the RS10G car but using the same specs as used at the Worlds. The final 210 mm wide production car was released for sale at end of 1996.

rs10gw_1RS10GW production car using typical HPI Super Star wheels

rs10gw_2purple spur gear is original HPI, blue track rods at front end not (Associated)

rs10gw_3production chassis

RS10GW proto_2prototype chassis