Ishimasa 12X

According to our research the Ishimasa FF-12E was their first 1/12th car introduced in 1979. A lot of these cars were sold through Graupner, Germany. One year later Ishimasa introduced another car, the 12X. Based on the FF-12E again this car seems being a Pro version using machined aluminium motor mount, fibreglass radioplate and different rear body post. Other changes were stronger wheels and stylish blue bumpers. Also an Elfin CAN-AM body was used now. On both cars there were the options running as frontdrive, reardrive or twin motor powered 4WD. In Europe this car was sold through McGregor. From our research it seems the 12X is much more unknown than the earlier FF-12E version.

Our 12x is waiting at the workshop as some other cars. We will show pictures from the kit box for the moment.

Elfin CAN-AM body

Ishimasa 12X in frontdrive configuration