Tekin Mospower Controller Pro

The Mospower Controller was Tekin´s first ESC, released in 1985.  This sample is one of the early batch using Yokomo silicon wires, later Tekin was using their own wires. Of course this ESC is using MOSFET transistors as the name suggests. At the Offroad Worldchampionships 1987 at Romsey, Great Britain Kyosho teamdriver Joel Johnson used a Mospower Controller like this for winning the 2WD class with his Ultima.

Tekin was founded by Kevin Orton, a 1/12th scale driver working for Delta as motorbuilder and electronic designer before. After leaving Delta in 1985 he started Tekin Electronics, famous for their ESC and chargers. So this Tekin Mospower actually is the successor of the Delta Autodrive II ESC what was the first American FET type ESC.

The Mospower Controller series was available in three versions but no marking was used for differing. But some details will tell the true version.

ESC-100 Standard (S) – low budget version – black sticker, red letters, 6 + 2 FET

ESC-130 Racer (R) – budget version – black sticker, golden letters, 3 + 2 FET

ESC-190 Pro (P) – competition version – black sticker, golden letters, 6 + 2 FET

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