Schumacher C-Car

The Schumacher C-Car introduced in 1983  was their second 1/12th car replacing the XL Lexan car when highgrip racing on carpet needed a stiffer chassis. This car was very successful in the UK and Europe. The original C-Car was using stick pack batteries were the later version SPC was using saddlepack type batteries. Early C-Car versions were using one-piece suspension arms, open rear axle tube and no ride height adjustement. Later two-piece arms were introduced for more castor and better stiffness. Also the rear axle tube was less machined for dust and debris not entering the tube, also longer slots were used at the motor mount for running a wider range of gearsize and ride height adjustement was added.

From the beginning the C-Car had the unique t-bar adjustement were you could change for softer or harder setting using different number of o-rings. Also tweak could be adjusted. Exactly the same parts of rear pod, axle tube and t-bar adjustement were used later at the TRC Pro12 car and a similar system at the larger brother TRC Pro10. Retaining from the older XL car was the superb Schumacher diff using quick change sleeves so you could do a quick tire change without the need of readjusting the diff. Also the unique quickchange system for the front wheels was used again.

Maybe most famous C-Car driver was Great Britain´ s superstar Andy Dobson driving several years for the Schumacher Racing team, winning several Nationals and the first 1/12th scale European Championships for Schumacher in 1985.