AYK RX2000

In 1980 AYK introduced their 2nd RC-car, the RX2000. Based on the same basical design as the previous RX1200, the new car was loaded with everything AYK had to offer. Using a black fibreglass chassis, red lightweight bumpers, white wheels, golden aluminium radio plate and rear top brace this car was an eye catcher and still is one of the most beautiful 1/12 cars until today.

Beside the new look, a lot of high quality features were added. First being the unique and expensive AYK diff, looking like a scaled down version of a 1/8 diff like SG or PB but using two crown gears and two bevel gears. Also a full set of ball bearings came from factory,  the thrust bearings as seen with the RX1200 were used again. For the steering, the plastic balljoints were replaced with aluminium versions.
A change was using a new top brace for the rear body posts, independent from rear pod movement. At the top brace also a new, smaller speed control was used. For completing the new car a full set of new, light weight bumpers were provided. Two versions with different size for the front and a new, additional bumper for the rear. As you can see from the pictures, the kit was sold in three versions with different bodies.

The RX2000 was winning the JMRCA 1/12 Japan Nationals for AYK in 1980, the first one in a row of three victories overall.

rx2000_1RX2000 overall view

rx2000_2front end and bumper

rx3000_3front end details

rx2000_4rear top brace with new, small speed control

rx2000_5rear top brace removed showing the famous AYK crown gear diff

rx2000-6three different bodies for the RX2000