TRC Pro10

This TRC Pro10 car was introduced in 1988 as a lot of other 235mm 1/10th scale pan cars. Actually this is just a large version of TRC´s Pro12 car as introduced at the 1/12th World Championships in 1986. A lot of details of both cars has their roots in the British Schumacher C-Car as design of rear suspension and motor pod. This means onepiece unit of t-bar and lower pod plate, also the use of tweak screws for setting not only tweak but also roll stiffness and the use of an aluminium tube for connecting left and right aluminium rear axle blocks. This results in a stiffer rear pod and keeping dust out of the rear axle bearings.

The pictures are from our Pro10 after arriving at the workshop. As their seems a lot of interest in this car we have decided not waiting any longer and showing these pictures before restoring now. Later we will replace them.

overall view

lower side

rear suspension C-Car style

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