Corally MMS 2

Corally was the first manufacturer introducing a Digital ESC into the RC world in 1987, the revolutionary Corally MMS (Motor Mangement System). In 1991 the next generation of this ESC was released, the Corally MMS 2. Based on a digital chip again, the new MMS 2 was using a larger number of FET transistors and improved cooling for more efficiency and power. Where the old MMS had been sold in two versions with different fixed current limiter settings for 5 or 8 minute racing, the new MMS 2 had an adjustable current limiter now. Another new feature were connectors for receiver wire and switch so these could be changed for different length.
This MMS 2 also was the last Corally ESC using the technology as developed with Philips Electronics. Other Corally ESC later were based on the Ko Propo VFS-1 with different programming.

cor-2_1Corally MMS 2 with replaceable receiver wire and switch

cor-2_2close up on connector and current limiter adjustment