Demon 2

This Demon 2 ESC was designed by Nick Adams/Great Britain. Introduced in 1977 this was the first British ESC and one of the first ESC overall. In the beginning this ESC was sold through Phil Greeno Models as addition to their Gemini 1/12th car. In 1979 Nick Adams started his own business Demon Power Products.

Overall there had been 2 of these early ESC, the Demon 1 was a version with forward, dynamic brakes and BEC. The Demon 2 was the same ESC with additional reverse function, both housed in the same plastic case with aluminium plate as cover and heatsink. These first versions were the only Demon ESC using a case, all other Demon ESC released later were using heatshrink for lower weight.

These Demon 1 and Demon 2 were the begin of one of the most succesful early ESC brand used by a lot of British and European drivers at local, national and worlds races. A newer version with additional turbo relais was the first ESC used at an 1/12th scale worlds A-Main in 1982 by Jimmy Davis. For being accurate Jimmy Davis qualified for both Stock and Modified A-Mains being also the only driver there using an ESC.

A Demon 2 ESC could be seen here mounted to the back of a Gemini 1 car.

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