CS Rocket 6

The Rocket 6 was the 3rd generation ESC from CS-Electronic and their first one using FET transistors. At the 1/12th scale world championships 1984 prototypes of this Rocket 6 ESC were seen and used as other early FET type ESC from Delta and Novak. At the A-Main modified class just 4 cars out of 10 were using an ESC, 2 of them were using a CS Rocket 6 prototyp. Drivers were Andy Dobson/Great Britain (2nd place overall) and Johann Klier/Germany (10th place overall). Andy Dobson also was using a Rocket 6 for winning the 1/12th scale Euro Championships in 1985, the same year this ESC was released to the public.

On a technical side the Rocket 6 was using 6 Fet transistors of the Siemens Sipmos type BUZ 11. This was the very best FET type that time and very expensive. For brake action a bipolar powertransistor was used as with older CS ESC before. At the inside picture you can see the brake transistor as laydown mounting at the left side of the pcb board. The picture is showing a Rocket 6R version with additional reverse function using a relay at the right side. Removing the relay area will result in the Rocket 6 forward only version with smaller size and lower weight as used by 1/12th scale drivers.

For low weight overall a heatshrink was used again instead of a heavy plastic case. As typical for all CS ESC (beside the first one) the heatshrink was of dark blue translucent colour. We will try restoring all of our vintage CS ESC to full factory look again for final pictures. For the heatshrink we did succeed finding the right one but we are still in search for the small CS factory stickers as used that time. If someone could help out please contact us.

inside view

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