Ko Propo CX-I

Ko Propo may be known to most RC enthusiasts for their transmitters and FET-servos, but they are also selling electronic speed controls since a very long time with the very early versions using speed relay technology in quite large cases. In 1986 they released their first FET-type ESC series with the CX-I being the version for competition use. A typical detail of the CX-I is the sidewise mounting of the FET transistors. We know of just Futaba using this also at some of their ESC.
At the Offroad Worlds 1987 held at Romsey, England Masami Hirosaka was using a CX-I ESC for winning the 4WD class and his very first Worlds title. The version shown below is using a golden case, where most CX-I could be seen wearing a black one. Currently we don´t know if there are any differences between the golden and black version. The RM-7 labeling at the case is not the name of this ESC, RM-7 could be found at any of the early Ko Propo ESCs, including the very early ones.