Revolution motors Yokomo based

Early Revolution motors were based on a Yokomo teardown and using the same typical Revolution sticker with yellow/brown design. All of the version were looking the same and there was just a small engraving at the frontplate or sometimes a colour dot at the endbell for some versions.

The early batches were consisting of the Insane (15 double), Brutus (16 triple), Oval (17 triple) and Revolution IV (19 double). Later there was a new series of motors consisting of the Wet Mag IV (16 quint) and Wet Mag II (18 triple) with both using a newer Yokomo Wet Mag can with heatsink endbell but still the original yellow/brown sticker.

Later there was a Jr´s Choice motor (17 double) using a Wet Mag teardown for the first production batches but soon switching to Epic/Trinity afterwards. This was the first revolution motor also using new designed coloured stickers instead of the original one.

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