Parma Euro Panther – Chris Arnold 1984 worlds car

This is the Parma Euro Panther used by Chris Arnold at the 1/12 World Championships in 1984, held at Herning, Denmark. Chris was a driver for the British Parma team and had been designing the Euro Panther in early 1984, with the prototype winning the European Champs by his team mate Phil Olson. Later at the 1984 worlds, Bud Bartos was winning the stock class and Chris Arnold finished in 8th position at the Modified A-Main, some great results for the new car.
As you can see from the pictures Chris used his own, unique chassis with some changes made for slightly different handling characteristics. Also he used his own graphite rear axle with lightweight nylon hubs and an anti-roll bar setup. Body was an Osella PA-9 Can-Am, Parma´s own alternative to the usual TOJ body. Schumacher threaded body posts were used for quick adjustement of body height. Tires were Parma Medium on yellow Panther wheels.

For electronics Chris went with fast Novak NES-1A servos for steering and throttle. Also a Kraft transmitter and Futaba receiver R2GS was used. The motor was a Parma Yokomo 26T, powered by Parma Sanyo SC1200 cells. The mechanical speedcontrol was using a Parma lightweight resistor and blue Parma silicon wires. Chris didn´t use a reverse setup at the worlds, the one shown at the pictures was added afterwards. For less weight the case of the receiver was replaced with heatshrink.

Pictures courtesy of Chris Arnold. Thanks for supporting Classic RC!
arnold-1Chris Arnold´s 1984 worlds car

arnold-2beautiful hand routed chassis

arnold-4graphite rear axle

arnold-3nylon diff hub

arnold-5Parma Osella body with the British Team sticker