Bantam Midget servo

The Bantam Midget servo was introduced in 1978 and Novak Electronics first product. Also one of the first high speed servos. Actually the Bantam Midget was developed for aircraft pylon racing models where the enhanced servo-speed was a big advantage.
But this servo soon was discovered also by R/C racers for their electric 1/12 scale cars.

The Bantam Midget was designed by Bob Novak using a new high precision Signetics integrated circuit, which was a big improvement over other circuits before. Different to most other servos also is the case with vertically splitted case halfs. The mounting tabs are not part of the case but a one-piece unit with the internal motor-mount bracket, quite unusual. Typical for the Bantam also is the black insert found at the top of the servo.
The Bantam Midget was offered for several radios as Kraft, Royal, Ace, Heathkit and others with matching colors and connectors.

This Bantam Midget servo was donated by our friend Chris from Hongkong. Thanks for supporting Classic RC!

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