Delta Super Spyder

In 1991 Delta Manufacturing Inc. released their fourth generation 1/12th scale car, the Delta Super Spyder. The typical Delta cross-bar front end was retained from the older cars, but the rear suspension, rear pod and chassis got a major redesign.
Where former Delta cars used rubber grommets or pivot balls for mounting a t-bar rear suspension, the Super Spyder came with their new ‘floating’ rear end. This system consisted of bearing supported steel axles which were attached to aluminium pivot block and bar. The tri-shock setup was used again, but mounted to a graphite shock tower now.
The rear pod received another redesign where the unique Delta one-piece aluminium pod was replaced by a new graphite plate and cross brace assembly. The new pod featured also a more centered motor position now.
The graphite chassis was changed for matching the different rear end and got a different shape. The Super Spyder came with the Delta Super Balldiff and Delta’s own Lite Wheels.

Delta Super Spyder

typical Delta cross-bar frontend and beautiful bodyposts

new rear pod assembly

IMG_3900trishock system and graphite shock tower

floating rear end