CS T-Charger

This T-Charger was sold by German brand CS Electronic, known for their CS Rocket ESC also. Introduced in 1990 this charger uses temperature controlled cutoff what was popular in Europe that time, especially for the Sanyo 1700 NSCRC cells. At high ambient temperature this isn´t the best method, but worked very good with deep discharged batteries. This way no false peak could happen, effecting early termination of charge.

The T-Charger was using a hardpulse charge current, best suited for SCR type cells. At the ammeter you could see the charge current, adjustable in the 0 – 5 amps range. The digital readout was showing the current temperature of the battery, in setting mode the cutoff temperature was shown. Switch for changing to setting mode located at the back side of the charger.

digital display showing current battery temperature

digital display showing cutoff temperature