Delta Phaser

Delta Manufacturing Inc. based in Lorimor, Iowa was famous for their 1/8th scale gas cars since starting business in 1968. A step into electric racing was introducing their first 1/12th scale car in 1979, the Delta Phaser. This car was sold as conversion kit for the Associated RC12E using steeringblocks and kingpins for the front end, also rear axle, diff and wheels. The Phaser was designed by Bill Campbell, the brilliant constructing engineer of the Delta team. He and his brother Ken were the owners of Delta Manufacturing Inc.

Early 1/12th cars didn´t have a real suspension usually. The Phaser was one of the first cars using chassis flex as something of a first generation suspension. For this reason the fibreglass chassis was designed as a frame. Also the radioplate was connected to the chassis just at the rear, using the mounting screws for the power pod. At the front, the radioplate is not fixed to the chassis and rests just on a layer of servotape for the same reason.
The aluminium rear pod was manufactured as a one-piece unit for stiffness, acting also as a heatsink for the motor. A typical detail for most Delta electric cars, as the crossbar type front end with adjustable castor and the beautiful machined body posts used at the front.

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