Twister Cyclone

After making modified motors for some years, Twister finally released their own car in 1990, the Cyclone. Designed for the super fast 1/10 scale pan car class, the goal was a light weight car with low center of gravity, easy to setup and drive. Comparing with other pan cars of similar age you can see the motor is centered for better left/right balance, also the front track is wider for smoother steering.
As typical for highend pan cars graphite and aluminium is used for chassis and rear pod. For the front the proven Associated frontend is used where the rear suspension is using a one piece unit of t-bar and lower podplate. As difference to other t-bar cars as the RC10L, the flex of the t-bar is not used for side spring action but the tweak screws are spring loaded and used also for adjusting roll stiffness. This is exactly the same system as used with the TRC Pro10 car before and based on the design of the Schumacher C-Car 1/12 car from 1983. Saddle pack batteries were used again as with most other pan cars but this time in an angled configuration.

The Cyclone seems being much less known as Twister´s Modified motors. But at the result tables you can find some well known drivers names as legendary Gary Kyes and England´s Pete Stevens.

cycl_1Twister Cyclone overall view


Associated frontend with brace

cycl_3rear pod with centered motor position

cycl_4Cyclone box