Schumacher XL

The Schumacher XL was the very first car released by this British brand after starting the company with optionparts as their famous ball diff. The XL is one of the curious cars with very soft u-shape lexan chassis and was designed after a similar car won the 1981 European Champs 1/12th scale. Perfect for very slippery tracks on wooden polished floors but too soft for high grip carpet tracks later.

Typical details for the Schumacher cars was using quick change systems for the wheels. This means the ballbearings for the front wheels are housed in aluminium sleeves and are staying at the wheelaxles and you could change the wheels with just releasing an o-ring. A similar system replacing the o-ring with a single large nut was used later by several Japanese brands as AYK, Mugen, Kawada or Kyosho.

For the rear the tyres were mounted on sleeves which went on wheel type hubs at the rear axle. This means you could change wheels in just a few seconds for endurance races and you didn´t have to readjust the diff as with other diff types as the RC12E diff as an example. It is a known fact the Schumacher racing team was attending several endurance races as the famous 24h race in Paris/France with being victorious there.

If you´re interested in reading more on this type of cars please visit our “Specials” area later this year where we will have a Special on Lexancars.

This is a picture from our workshop after unpacking the XL. Final pictures will be available after restoring.