Robbe Rocar 12

After selling other ESC for RC boats before, the Rocar 12 was the first ESC from German brand Robbe intended for car racing.  Released in 1981, this ESC was using a large Sanken powertransistor with the assistance of a speedrelay for bypass at full throttle. Also a fixed brake and reverse was used and a BEC circuitry for powering the receiver and steeringservo. Using a sturdy plastic case, a large fuse and even a powerswitch for the battery this ESC could take a lot of abuse and was very reliable. The Rocar 12 was the beginning of a row of very good ESC from Robbe as the Rokraft Expert or Rokraft HEC later. From looking at the PCB and electronic components inside, this ESC was manufactured in Japan. As Robbe sold a lot of Futaba RC electronics that time, it is quite possible the Rocar 12 actually is an early Futaba ESC but we have not found any proove for this until now.

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