Delta Villain

The Delta Villain released in 1988 was the first 1/10th scale pancar of legendary Delta Manufacturing company. This car was based on the Delta Spyder 1/12th design with similar beam frontend, onepiece rear pod and 3 shock system. The chassis again was using saddlepack batteries, a t-bar at chassis level and the same monoball mounting system. For the rear axle a ball diff was used, where early versions came with a steel axle and massive aluminium wheel hubs. Later this was changed to graphite axle and delrin lightweight hub for left side. Overall a fibreglass and a graphite version of this car were available.

A third version, based on the graphite car was the Villain IFS with a suspension type front end, twin shocks and rollbar. Overall a very similar design as used for the famous Delta Eagle 1/8th car.

Picture for an early Villain after arriving at Classic RC. This car needs some missing parts and a restore.