Slotcar Mirage 12

In the winter of 1978/1979 AB Slotcar released their first 1/12 scale radio controlled car, the Mirage 12. If you have a closer look to the Mirage, you will find a lot of parts were borrowed from American cars, but in fact this car was designed and made in Stockholm, Sweden.

The complete front end, also the motor and rear axle blocks were made by MRP for their very early 1/12 scale cars, but dyed in black color now for the Mirage. The rear axle setup with spur gear and hubs, also the front and rear wheels were made by Thorp. The epoxy glass chassis, Kydex radio tray and bumper were designed by Team Slotcar. Same for the aluminum body posts front and rear.
Overall this resulted in a very lightweight car. Despite the spring front end there was also a good amount of chassis flex built into the Mirage 12 design. Unusual might be the battery position, longitudinal but also slightly angled. Not really found with a lot of other cars, but very typical for cars designed in Sweden.

We like to send a big Thank You to our friend David, without his help we would not been able showing this very special car at Classic RC.

Mirage 12

radio tray with longitudinal, angled battery position

MRP spring front end, original brown colored parts dyed black

rear end with MRP blocks and Thorp rear axle assembly

Thorp wheels, same look as the famous 1/8 scale versions