Kyosho Little Sports 1/20

One year after their first 1/12 scale car, Kyosho introduced a completely new type of car in 1978, the Little Sports. These 1/20 scale cars were the beginning of the small scale cars, with others to follow later as the 1/18 or 1/24. The Little Sports came preassembled from factory, even the body was precut and prepainted. These nice, little cars were based on a black anodized aluminium chassis, front end and rear axle were kept as a simple design, not far away from their first Super Sport 1/12 car. Tires were of the usual foam type.
For electronics Kyosho used a new mini motor with aluminium can, the battery being a 4-cell 250mAh Ni-Cd. For the speed control there was the option of a mechanical device or an electronic speed control. Overall the Little Sports were offered with three different Lexan bodies, the Porsche 935 Turbo, BMW 3.5 CSL and De Tomaso Pantera Group 5.

little kitLittle Sports box

little-1BMW 3.5 CSL




little-5Little Sports motor and rear end