Tamiya Tornado RM MK 3

This is a Tamiya Tornado RM (Racing Master) MK 3 car, releaseded in 1982. After some other more heavy 1/12 cars before, Tamiya was going with a new, lightweight design for the MK 3. The chassis again was made from fibreglass, but now using a narrow, waisted shape. For keeping center of gravity as low as possible, Tamiya went with a low mounted radioplate, similar to other 1/12 cars as Delta or AYK. The frontend was using no springs but castor could be adjusted. Also in-line (not trailing) steering blocks were used as with the AYK cars, not very common with 1/12 cars. An adjustable springtype servosaver was built into the angled, onepiece tierods. A frontend brace and lightweight bumper completing the front of the MK 3.
For the rear Tamiya went with very small rear axle blocks, made of die cast aluminium. The topbrace for stiffening the rear pod was designed for use as rear bumper and handle also. The rear axle was made of 5mm steel and using a plastic gear diff, typical for a lot of Japanese cars. Ballbearings for front wheels and rear axle came right with the kit. Included was also one of the famous Black Mabuchi RS-540SD motors with ballbearing at the front plate of the can and advanced timing. For completing the MK3, a very nice Can-Am type body was used.

Pictures for this Tamiya car were supplied by one of our visitors. Thanks for your support!

torn3_7Tamiya Tornado Racing Master MK 3 with body

torn3_1overall view

torn3_3afrontend with brace and reversed servo

torn3_2rearend with geardiff and Black Mabuchi motor

torn3_4bottom view, showing also adjustable servo position trough chassis holes