Checkpoint Igarashi modular endbell

In the early days of 1/12 electric racing all of the motors were based on the Igarashi closed endbell motor which was far from being a perfect power plant. So magnets were zapped,  armatures were rewound, epoxied and balanced, the can even got cooling holes. But there was still one area what was not perfect, the brush system. Some manufacturers tried to improve this with shunting the copper springs but the brushes still were of a low grade. Big Jim Greenemeyer of Team Checkpoint then had the idea of using the brush system of slot racing motors and developed his modular endbell. The inside of the endbell was machined removing all of the original brush system, then the new slot brush holders and spring posts were mounted to a PCB type base plate. Now there were replacable higher grade brushes and the brush tension could be adjusted. In the end most of the Checkpoint top of the line motors were using this system, including the famous Platinum series.

Our modular endbell is an early version sold also trough BoLink as their BoLink Team Checkpoint Stage series motors. It is still using the original bushings, later there was also a version machined for ball bearings.
4696endbell conversion kit

4705-smodular endbell showing baseplate with brushholders and inboard capacitator

4711cmodular endbell with shunted slot car brushes and springs

4677sbackside of endbell showing base plate mounting screws and silicon wires