Parma Renault

The Parma Renault is a hand picked version of the original Igarashi motor and came with a ROAR legal winding of 35 Turns 23AWG wire for stock class racing. The armature was balanced and epoxied. Several versions of Parma Renault motors were made through the years. The earliest version came with a blue painted can as shown below, later there was a different blue painting followed by the original blank Igarashi can but using at least two different stickers. So four versions overall for the Renault, maybe more.

There was also a Parma Turbo Renault, basically the same as a Renault but came water dipped and dyno tested.

The Parma Renault and Turbo Renault motors were donated by Chris Arnold. Thanks for your support!

IMG_9321 early Parma Renault

IMG_9318IMG_9319Parma Turbo Renault