Futaba FP-MC5

This is a very early ESC of the large range of Futaba RC electronic products. Most people will know their newer ESC with FET transistors, but this FP-MC5 is one of their first speed controls, using large bipolar powertransistor and speedrelay technology for bypassing at full trottle position. Some time ago we found the Robbe Rocar 12 ESC, also shown here at Classic RC, and for some reasons we had the idea it could have been made by Futaba. Now after getting hold of the FP-MC5 this is a fact. Both ESC are looking exactly the same, only difference being the Rocar 12 is a reverse typ ESC where it´s Futaba brother is a forward only type with additional brake function. The Rocar 12 was introduced in 1981 so we think the FP-MC5 will be same age.