Associated RC12i – personal car

This is a RC12i car used by the owner of Classic RC in about 1983. Right after releasing the second generation RC12i chassis without slits at the frontend area this car was build. Matching the new chassis also the new spring frontend was used. For the radioplate a new lightweight plate of own design was made, also a bumper from 2mm Lexan. For the rear pod a cutdown upper plate was made for low weight and a closed spring/rideheight adjuster was used.

The pictures are original 1983 analog digitized these days. Because of very good experience with Schumacher cars before, the same 2nd generation diff with quick release hubs and quickrelease liveaxles for the front wheels were used again. This car also is showing a low profil GB Turbo ESC using 6 selected high performance transistors and a small heatsink as used from about 1981-1983. Futaba S20 micro servo with Kimbrough servosaver and threaded turnbuckles. The motor is a Trinity Bullit and the battery a 6-cell Panasonic P1350. Not shown at the pictures, a MRP Busch Hogan body was used.

Top view

Rear view showing Trinity motor and low profile ESC with small heatsink.

Bottom view showing the 2nd generation RC12i chassis and receiver in heatshrink mounted to the lower side of the radioplate.

The new spring frontend and Schumacher liveaxles for quick change of front wheels. Bearings are staying inside the aluminium tubes.