Slotcar Mirage T

In 1981 Swedish company AB Slotcar released their 2nd generation 1/12 scale car,
the Mirage T. Where their older Mirage 12 was based on MRP and Thorp parts, the new car was an entirely Slotcar design. All the new parts were unique to the Mirage T too, we did not found any other car using such parts.
Overall the Mirage T seems similar to a lot of other 1/12 scale cars of the 1980’s but the details and the quality of parts were very different. The chassis was machined of a quite thick 2.5mm epoxy glas plate but the special shape allowed a good amount of flex. The radio tray actually was a twin plate setup with the lower plate wearing the mechanical speed control, voltage drop diodes and a switch for powering receiver and servos, also the motor wires. The lower plate also came with copper traces  for connecting everything for a very clean wiring, similar to PCB boards at electronic units. Receiver and servo for the MSC were attached to the bottom of that plate for a low center of gravity. The top plate was wearing the battery in an angled twin stick setup, typical also for other Swedish cars.
Other unique details were ride height adjustment for front and rear, aluminium rear axle and clamping wheel and diff hubs. The ball diff came with an enclosed thrust bearing and a real diff spring.

At the 1981 European Championships Jorgen Anderson (Sweden) finished in 4th position. Other results for the Mirage T were winning both the 1982 Scandinavian Championships and the 1982 German Nationals Stock Class.

We like to say Thank You to our friend David for help with several parts during build of the Mirage T. Thanks for supporting Classic RC!IMG_3848Mirage T

twin plate setup for radio tray

front end and beautiful body posts

IMG_3871front wheel removed

IMG_3872Mirage branded tires, note also area for mounting MSC or ESC

IMG_3960clamping wheel hub

IMG_3617ride height adjustment for rear axle, this was the first car to introduce those adapters