Looking for and trade

At Classic RC we try to show as much of the history of RC cars as possible, known and unknown brands, also objects what you won´t find somewhere else as prototypes, vintage bodies, motors and early electronics.

For keeping Classic RC growing we are looking for cars, old motors, ESC and bodies also manuals. Maybe you have something laying in the basement or garage just collecting dust, this could be helpful for us. Also we have some cars at our workshop waiting for restoring or completing but some projects are on hold because of missing spare parts. Pictures and informations on brands, cars and races are also very helpful. If you want helping us with this project and preserving some of the history of this great sport, you are very welcome. Classic RC is a private, non commercial project so we appreciate any help.

Some things we are looking for:
Delta 1/8 cars and pictures
Delta Super Villain 1/10
Delta motors based on Igarashi, Yokomo or Kyosho can.
Delta Autodrive ESC
Delta spares 1/8 as green Super-J chassis and blue or white radio tray for CK760/CK780.
Delta spares 1/8 CK750 and earlier
Delta 1/8 front wheels white and red for Super-J, also grey wheels for Panther
Delta lightweight rear pod for Super Phaser 1/12 (special project)

1/12 cars  HG Special, Thorp, Leisure, Jomac, MRP, Parma, AYK
1/10 cars  Vicfor, Lazer-Lite, Precison Race Cars PR7
Gemini 1/12 spares, Gemini red wheels
Phantom 1/12 (Lexancar) bumper and rear bodyposts
Kyosho R951 1/12 wheels
Trinity and Checkpoint motors based on Igarashi and Kyosho can
Revtech and MRP modified motors
Porsche 917K body 1/12
MRP Budweiser Spyder 1/8
ABC Hobby 1/12, now looking for a set of diff gears and wheel nuts

We are looking also for any prototype cars or personal cars, also pictures.
Pictures from early Losi 1/12 and Trinity 1/12 prototypes.

If someone have parts we are looking for but also is looking for parts, we are happy offering parts for trade. We have a limited supply of parts for
Schumacher 1/12 and Schumacher 1/12 diff parts
Jomac 1/12
Associated 1/12 and 1/8
Delta 1/8
Micro Racing 1/8 Buggy
MRP 1/8
Thorp 1/8 parts and wings
TAG 1/10 offroad
Yokomo 1/10 offroad
Yokomo YR-2F frontwheel-drive car

vintage 1/8 scale bodies
vintage 1/8 motor accessory as mufflers, headers/manifold, filters, tanks etc. of several origins as Delta, McCoy, Techno-Racing, Sullivan, Speedmodels, PB

Please note: we are not a shop, so we don´t have large supply. These are just parts we don´t need for our own projects. Also, if someone wants supporting us with cars or parts, we don´t sell those stuff.

For sending a message please go contact.
Thanks for your support!