Gemini 1

After running early 1/12th cars like Mardave before, Great Britain´s 1/8th driver Phil Greeno was developing his own 1/12th car during 1979 what was introduced as Gemini then. Based on a flexible fiberglass chassis the early prototype was using RC12E rear axle blocks, replaced later by beautiful machined aluminium versions for the production car. A radioplate was mounted on top of the rear axle blocks and a standoff at the front using a slotted hole for controlled flexing, similar as used by the Lightning 2000 car. The saddlepack battery was mounted to the radioplate using large rubber bands, similar to mounting rc components at 1/8th cars.

The frontend was the proven RC12E type but additional 5 degree castor was machined into the suspension arms. For the rear axle a Schumacher diff with steel axle was used.
For using as much weight back as possible an ESC was mounted behind the rear axle with the chassis extended. In this case an early ESC developed by Nick Adams was used, and sold also through the Greeno shop in the beginning. It seems the car was developed using this ESC as integral part.

This car was run by British drivers a lot, especially in the London area. For other countries, we know the Gemini was raced at least also in Germany.

The car on show is using a Demon 2 ESC with reverse function, also a Parma Renault Turbo motor. At that time a MRP Prophet body was used a lot with this car, our Gemini is wearing a sleek MRP Ford C100 body.

Gemini 1 with Ford C100 body and vintage Futaba/Ripmax transmitter

open view

Saddlepack batteries, Parma Renault Turbo motor and Demon 2 ESC

frontview showing mounting of saddles with rubber bands, similar to 1/8th cars

Demon 2 ESC